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Meet Sarah

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Life & Health Coach Specialising in Eating Behaviour

I could start by listing the qualifications, skills and the specialist courses I’ve done, but that’s kind of pre-requisite. What really gives me a deeper understanding, is the fact that I’ve personally experienced a very disordered and chaotic relationship with food and my body – and I’ve come out the other side smiling.

My story is quite extreme, and of course lots of my clients just want to get a handle on their food intake, their eating habits and their thoughts and feelings around food.  But my story is what led me to becoming passionate about helping others have a healthy relationship with food.

I’m broken.

I’ve got no willpower.

I’m useless.


That’s exactly what I used to think about myself every day and boy, was that exhausting. All that energy spent on self hatred with my inner critic shouting through her megaphone, reminding me how crap I was.


For me, it all started in my late teens with a diet.  A diet that got completely out of hand. A diet that led to anorexia. I was numbing myself, starving myself, as a way to cope with all the feelings and emotions that I simply couldn’t deal with.    Eventually, as my body was crying out for food, my anorexia took the well trodden path to bulimia. I was still under weight, but not to the point of complete starvation. I would eat a restricted diet and then become so ravenous I would binge and purge. This went on for a few years. It was awful. It ruled my life. I hated myself. Restrict, binge, restrict, binge, restrict, binge... I hated the disease and I couldn’t see a way out. I knew the damage I was doing to myself physically and my mental health was on the floor.  And who knew? I had a great job, amazing friends, my own flat. On the face of it I was riding high in life. I’d escaped the claws of anorexia and everything was perfect. 


Although it wasn’t. 


How did I break free?  To be completely honest, there was no defining moment for me. I found an amazing therapist who certainly helped, I devoured books on mental health, psychology, addiction, trauma and then nutrition, health and wellness. And eventually, with a lot of hard work and heart ache it slowly stopped. I no longer felt the need to be on the crazy binge-restrict-purge merry-go-round. Now I look back I realise that I’d unknowingly used a number of different tools and strategies to heal my body and change the destructive habit that I used to cope.



Sarah Williams Coaching

Throughout my experience, I felt shame, loathing, guilt, boredom, exhaustion, helpless, numb, powerless, hopeless, misunderstood, isolated, the list could go on. 

Do these feelings resonate with you?  I’m sure they do.  We are all human.  And they are core emotions and feelings that we often haven’t been taught how to deal with.  And as soon as I realised that, I also realised that I wasn’t broken, there was nothing wrong with me. 


I taught myself to eat food that nourishes me, I exercise to keep myself fit and healthy, I gave up booze (and really don’t miss it – true story!) and I work every day on being kind to myself, cultivating self compassion.  And that’s what I can teach you.  


Yes I’m a certified Life Coach. Yes, I qualified as a Health Coach and yes I’m also a specialist in the psychology of weight loss, chaotic, emotional and binge eating.  My biggest qualification though, is that I’ve lived it, I get it, I have the understanding. I have the tools. I can explain the neuroscience and I can help you to understand yourself a bit better so that you can make the changes that you deserve.

Reach out today.

Sarah Williams Coaching
  • Certified Health Coach | College of Naturopathic Medicine

  • Life Coaching Diploma | Counselling & Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body

  • Licensed Understanding Your Eating Practitioner

  • Licensed Eating Freely Practitioner

  • The Psychology of Weight Loss | Helen McCarthy, The Appetite Doctor

  • Masterclass on Food Cravings | Helen McCarthy, The Appetite Doctor

  • Digital Helpline Volunteer for Beat, the UK’s eating disorder charity, offering support and advice to those who need it most through the one-to-one webchat and email services.

  • Internal Family Systems informed coach. IFS is a powerfully transformative, mulit-mind, evidence based model of psychotherapy

Training, Qualifications & Pro Bono

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