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Client Testimonials

I worked with Sarah in her capacity as a Health Coach. Sarah is easy to talk to and be honest with. She took into account my lifestyle so nothing felt too difficult or overwhelming.  Her approach is small, sustainable steps which end up becoming new, healthy habits. Sarah’s calm and logical approach empowered me and has given me a much better viewpoint on things. Working with Sarah was the best thing I’ve done in a long time and I can’t recommend her enough


I started working with Sarah because I had a very chaotic relationship with food and was constantly beating myself up about it.  From the start I loved working with Sarah. I looked forward to every single session.  Together we looked at my eating habits and worked out where I could start to make changes. She helped me to understand my appetite – so that I understood when I was hungry and full. She explained the neuroscience of how my brain could hijack my good intentions. She helped me to tame the voice in my head goading me on to over eat puddings and sweet foods (all of which are my nemesis!).  She gave me tools to use, handouts full of information she’d taught me and she gave me homework to help me understand myself better. After every session Sarah would email me going through what we had discussed and she always helped me to see how far I’d come – all my wins. I’ve made so many positive changes since I’ve been working with Sarah, I think she’s absolutely amazing!


As a busy mum supporting neurodiverse teenagers, it's so important to look after my health but it's often the last thing on my priority list. Sarah's a perceptive listener and carried out an in-depth assessment of my physical and mental wellbeing in relation to my lifestyle. She had some very helpful insights, practical advice and resources to share and helped me with realistic goal setting. Sarah is a caring and compassionate coach, and her recommendations were spot on.


I initially went to Sarah for weight loss tips but learned so much. Her holistic, thoughtful and gently approach was inspiring and empowering. She helps me see that losing weight was part of a much bigger picture than just dieting alone and gave me the tools for change.


She is amazing and her tailor-made sessions have enabled me to rethink so many aspects of my life.


My sessions with Sarah were incredibly helpful. She showed me how making just a few changes in my food choices and cooking style would make a big difference to my overall health. Sarah also helped me to find time in my busy weekly schedule for exercise and to generally feel better about myself.


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