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All sessions can take place in person at your home or via zoom

The Process

It all starts with the smallest step

I encourage all first timers to book a free chat with me so we can work out what you feel you want to achieve and not least of all that I'm a good fit for you.

Once we've established if you're ready to move on, we can talk about which programme or sessions would suit your needs. This can then be booked in and our journey together can begin.

Sessions will be booked at a regular time over an agreed period that optimises the outcomes for you. We will review each session before moving on the the next and ensure that you are comfortable and ready to progress. 

An invoices will be sent for your session(s) and payment is made by bank transfer. 

Session Location

I offer in-person sessions at your home or online via Zoom

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Cancellations & Refunds

Life Happens

Sometimes life conspires against us and it's impossible to get to an appointment. When that happens, then as long as you can give me 48 hours notice, we can either reschedule your appointment for another time that works, or if it's a single session then you can have a full refund. 
Once you have booked a full programme then this cannot be refunded.

More Questions?

If you need to know more about my services or process, then please get in touch below. I'd be very happy to talk to you.

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